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アイキャッチ画像[:en]As I thought about yoga

Lucy Dutton in Thailand! I wrote an article like it, but after all I am concerned about yoga. I was doing yoga in Japan, whether it is original! There is no Italian in Japan as far as food is concerned like argument! I ceased to think that it would be like a story like that. Let’s examine Yoga + Thailand.


Meanwhile, when I got back to Japan I found something interesting in the yoga journal I bought

What is interesting in this issue I bought to be called why.

SUP Yoga

While standing, a way to ride a surfboard like a canoe, a stand-up paddling board + a new activity called yoga

If you investigate immediately, Thailand seems to have started doing it. It is like an enlightenment site. I personally like Hua Hin in Thailand so I would like to do it here. It was like a trader in Hua Hin.

To be honest, I do not care about SUP’s new surfing genre · ·

However, while being shaken on the sea, yoga, doing nothing in the state seems to be comfortable. There is also beach yoga, but it seems to be even above the sea. I do not know until I try it so I would like to do it first. Difficult pose or nothing, relaxation degree seems high. This video is an image I am doing in Thailand.